Terms & Conditions

  • The content of each script remains the property of the individual author/s
  • Any alteration to the script – apart from the updates in the pantomimes for topicality and location reasons – should be referred to Smith Scripts for approval prior to performance.

  • No performance should take place without completion and submission of the performance rights application form and the appropriate fee paid.

  • No hard copies of the script are produced.

  • Once the script is bought and performance fees paid for, the purchaser may copy the script only the number of times necessary for a production.

  • No script may be sold on to any other party.

  • The name of the author will be shown on all publicity materials and should not be less than 30% in size to the title of the production.

  • All publicity materials should carry an acknowledgment saying ‘THIS PRODUCTION IS LICENSED BY SMITH SCRIPTS -www.smithscripts.co.uk’

  • A video licence covers the filming of any part of a production for private use only. It does not cover or sanction the selling of a video or any profiteering from such a sale.