At SMITH SCRIPTS we want to attract a wide variety of theatre work and present many genres, styles and subject matters to those who are interested in the theatre.

We like to promote the experienced writer and those making their first foray into writing for the stage. We are happy to hear from people of all backgrounds and from all cultures. We aim to be as inclusive as be possibly can be.

In order that we can provide the best service for writers and for our customers, before you submit a script, please read the following guidance notes.

  1. We cannot guarantee all submissions will be published.
  2. We try to read all scripts within a month of receipt. Sometimes this may be a little longer, so we do ask for patience. If you have not heard from us within 6 weeks of submission, please email us at
  3. We ask that all scripts are submitted in a clearly formatted fashion. We do not re-format or correct and edit scripts. What you submit, must be user-friendly. Poorly formatted scripts will be returned.
  4. We do have some suggested format guidelines. It is not essential that they are followed, but if you are unsure how to format a script, then please follow the outlines here.
  5. Once a script is accepted, some further information will be required before we can enter them into the catalogue.
  6. An Agreement will require signing setting out how we work. A copy of the AUTHOR AGREEMENT may be seen here.
  7. Copyright of the script rests entirely with the writer.
  8. The writer retains the right to withdraw the script from the catalogue at any time by informing us via email.


Once you have read these guidance notes, please feel free to submit your script via

If you have any further questions, please email us at the above email address.

We look forward to reading your script.