Kieron Connolly was born in 1961. Hs novels ‘Water Sign’, ‘There is a House’ and ‘Harold’ have dealt with subjects as diverse as romance, bereavement and addiction. Although everything about the author seems rooted in Dublin – his novels, accent, comparisons with Behan and Beckett etc., his place of birth is Thurles, County Tipperary. The writer is a nephew of musician ( and former member of The Dubliners ) Bob Lynch. ‘The Book of Condolences’ was written in 2014/15, and when Vincent Smith read the script and became attached to the project as director, things took off from there ( he’d worked with the likes of Tommy Cooper and Orson Welles in seasons past ). ‘The Book’, Connolly says, is about us: humanity. Simple as.

Scripts available by Kieron Connolly

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