Script Submissions

At Smith Scripts we would like to attract a wide range of works covering a variety of subject matters and genres so that we can attract a wide audience of people looking for something new. In order for us to provide the best service to writers, please read the following;

  1. There is no longer a fee to join the site, though this doesn’t mean we take anything and everything!
  2. We try to read all scripts within a week of receipt. Sometimes this may take a little longer, so we ask for patience.
  3. We ask that scripts are presented in a clearly formatted fashion. The script you send must be usable by readers and performers. We are not able to reformat, correct and edit scripts. Poorly formatted scripts will be rejected.
  4. We have created a standard of presentation which fulfils our requirements. It is not obligatory to use these guidelines, but experience tells us it creates a better impression and is helpful to all users.
  5. Standard SMITH SCRIPTS format guidelines can be found HERE
  6. Once a script is accepted we will ask for several pieces of information to enable us to make the entry on the catalogue and when these are received we will add it to the site.
  7. All authors will receive 75% of each script sale and 75% of all performance fees which we receive in performance fees.
  8. The copyright of the script rests entirely with the author.
  9. Scripts may be withdrawn from the site at any time – there will be no refund of any fees paid.
  10. A list of fees paid by customers can be seen on the website

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us on which is where you should submit your script.

We look forward to reading what you have written!

William Shakespeare