by Jane Sunderland


Dorothy Wordsworth has moved with her brother William into Dove Cottage, Grasmere, in the English Lake District. Very close, they spend their days tending their garden together, walking on the hills and writing poetry. Dorothy thinks this blissful way of life will continue for ever – until William tells her that he plans to marry their long-term friend, Mary Hutchinson. Dorothy is devastated and tries to persuade William against the match. She threatens to move out of Dove Cottage. William cannot bear this possibility, and persuades Dorothy to stay. She looks after the wedding ring for William the night before the wedding, When he comes into her room to take it he puts it back on her finger and tries to kiss her. Dorothy pushes him away and does not attend the wedding, lapsing in and out of consciousness, recollecting, fantasising, reciting and composing.



Dorothy Wordsworth – aged 30



Approx. 35 minutes



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