by Archie Wilson



Little Red Riding Hood is determined to take a basket of food and flowers to her grannie’s cottage in the woods but unbeknown to her the wicked Wendigo, his two henchmen Thick and Thicker and their pack of wolvettes lie in wait.

Meanwhile Prince Chris Crimson and his sidekick Rodney Rouge enlist the help of Dame Burgundy Bloodshot and her dippy son Barry to assist in finding the palaces treasure thought to have been stolen by Wendigo!

After a series of (mis!)Adventures they all end up at the cottage and a great battle ensues!



Fairy Light  (Good fairy)

Barry Bloodshot (Dame’s batty son)

Red Riding Hood (Principle)

Dame Burgundy Bloodshot (Panto Dame)

Villager One (Speaking villager)

Villager Two (Speaking villager)

Villager three (Speaking villager)

Villager four (Speaking villager)

Chorus/non- speaking villagers

Wendigo Wormwood (Wicked villain)

Prince Chris Crimson (Hero character)

Rodney Rouge (Prince’s sidekick)

Thick (Wendigo’s soldier, part of comedy duo)

Thicker (Wendigo’s soldier, part of comedy duo)

Wolvettes (Wendigo’s wolf pack)



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