YOURS IN WORDS, by Laura Thoma


1895, New York City. When young aspiring writer Lily Lamont bumps into her idol, novelist Annabelle Jones, outside the Arveson Library, she has no idea this chance meeting will test her determination, lead her to find her own voice, and propel her into action.



Lilian Lamont (LILY): Female, early-to-mid-20s. Sapphist (lesbian). She is an aspiring playwright and her main romance is with her writing. Lily is a self-assured young woman who knows who she is and what she wants. Her dream is to be one of the first women to have her work produced on Broadway. Her two biggest inspirations are Oscar Wilde and ANNABELLE Jones. Lily lives in a boarding house on West 9th Street in NYC.

ANNABELLE Jones (AJ): Female, 50s. Widowed. Acclaimed and respected novelist. She is wildly intelligent, direct, with impeccable manners and when she chooses can put people at ease. She is very comfortable navigating the predominantly male world of publishing and is pushing herself to reach her longtime goal: to be one of the first women to have work produced on Broadway. She lives in Henderson Place on the Upper East Side of NYC.



This short was scheduled to premiere at a New Works Festival in Norwalk, CT spring of 2020. The Festival was postponed due to COVID-19


Approximately 12-15 minutes



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