WINNER TAKES ALL by Colin Barrow


When self-made multimillionaire, David Oxendale rents a chalet for an August holiday he meets by sheer accident Lucy, who becomes his wife before the holiday ends. Once returned home, David who is senior in age introduces his wife to his sisters. Lucy who is less than half of David’s age is welcomed by Mary Oxendale, a sister of David, with acceptance and jubilation of the union. However, Judith Simmons and Emily Blunt, David’s other two sisters, who are greedy and selfish, disapprove greatly and are concerned about any monetary inheritance from their very rich brother. After a year of marriage, David dies, leaving his widow and sister Mary grieving his loss, whilst Judith and Emily keenly want to know what they are left in his will. However, not all is straight forward, as family, domestic help and an artist are mentioned with various inheritances. The vast fortune of this millionaire goes to the one who finds it in accordance of his will, a treasure hunt. This very funny, intriguing and entertaining play has a strong story line, and keeps the audience laughing whilst the mayhem unfolds. The close of the play reveals twists and the winner who takes all!



David Oxendale       Husband of Lucy

Emily Blunt             David’s sister

Mary Oxendale          David’s sister

Judith Simmons          David’s sister

Lucy Oxendale           David’s wife

Lee Jarvis                     Artist

Suzi Jones              Domestic help

Mr/Mrs Partridge            Solicitor



Two hours – not including interval



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