WINGS OF AN ANGEL by James MacVeigh


Two disparate strangers are forced to spend the night together in a police cell. Rupert is middle class and a high achiever, the product of a minor public school, while Dennis is a habitual petty criminal with a record as long as your arm, but after some initial reserve they begin to rub along okay. Everything changes when a violent sociopath, Jez, is added to the mix, literally flung in with them after assaulting a fellow-prisoner in another cell. The surface tensions between the three men reveal, not only their differences, but also some surprising strengths and weaknesses.

One important aspect of life is the ability to face the threat of oppression, and not take the easy way out by finding a scapegoat. One of our trio secretly holds knowledge that has the potential to devastate the other two, is he right to reveal it even when the threat is removed?



RUPERT         A hedge fund manager in his 30s.

DENNIS         A small-time thief, late 20s or early 30s.

JEZZ               A violent offender, 20s, 30s or 40s.



Approximately 45-60 minutes



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