WINGMEN by Julian Elcock


3 airmen visit a local dance as they await their 13th mission. Mick is a chancer who likes the girls, Eddie is fixated on luck and Tom shouldn’t really be flying, meeting the locals reveals more than they bargained for.



MICK – Pilot, brash, over confident and bullish

TOM – Quiet, bookish desperate to ‘do his bit’

EDDIE – Immature, overwhelmed and a follower

CLIVE – Doctor, a quiet chap but more confident and assured than he appears. Had a relationship with ANNIE but has settled for DAISY.

COLIN (The Barman) – Assertive, tries to keep the peace, knows everyone.

SUSAN – WAAF OFFICER but recognises that this can be an issue, takes while to rouse, protective.

JUDITH – a Single Mother, we don’t know why. Confidence covers insecurity, strong willed and assertive.

ANNIE – a very confident, forceful woman, slightly older than the others she is used to getting what she wants.

FLO – a landgirl, brash and loud but ‘heart of gold’ type, she believes strongly in what is right.

DAISY – Very much the English Rose type, Easily lead, stubborn to her own detriment. A bit naive.

PIANIST (could be a recording)



Edinburgh Fringe 2019,

Edinburgh Fringe 2020 (re-written as a radio play)



2019 “Must see show” 5 stars – Derek Awards Ed Fringe.



Approximately 40 minutes



Preview available here

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