This four act play follows Mike and Christopher through four stages of their life. Born on different sides of the tracks, the two boys are first brought together in their schooldays when a fight between them brings them to the headmaster’s office. In their twenties they meet again in the waiting area of a court when Christopher has become a lawyer and Mike is the defendant in a ‘receiving stolen goods’ case.

Fast forward to their fifties and the two men meet in a doctor’s waiting room and catch up on the different paths their lives have taken. Finally they find themselves in the same nursing home in their seventies and realise that, although our paths may diverge considerably during life, ultimately we all converge to the same place. This is a bitter sweet comedy that can be played by the same two actors throughout or eight different actors.



CHRISTOPHER MILTON From a ‘good’ family. Does well in school and joins his father in his law firm. Marries Sally and has two children, Charlotte and Daniel. Suffers with OCD and anxiety – likes things in order; when he becomes anxious he utilises the ‘tapping’ technique of NLP. Always felt he was trying to live up to his father’s expectations which is why the loss of the penknife affected him so much
MICHAEL CARVER Father was in and out of jail. The youngest of three sons and bullied by his older siblings. Mother was a prostitute to help make ends meet. He himself turns to crime and has several spells in prison. He is unsuccessful in relationships as well and ends up with five kids from three different women. He took the penknife because he was jealous of the relationship Christopher appeared to have with his father.

Michael constantly mis-pronounces words.


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