WHAT A PICTURE by Kevin Broughton


A family prepares for the reading of a will followed by the public unveiling of a painting bequeathed to them which is rather too revealing. Farcical attempts to cover it up involve the police, the serving staff, an art dealer and the local vicar.



POX – the delivery man. Broad Cockney Accent.

BELLAMY – the butler. Very superior attitude extremely posh.

JACK – well to do young socialite.

BETTY – JACK’s sister. Debutante

DORA – the Lancashire Maid.

DONATELLO – Painter and decorater. Northern accent but not as broad as Dora.

ERIC – Donatello’s young assistant – tries to sound gangsta.

ART DEALER – Very luvvy.

PC WOODCOCK – typical old English Bobby.

MRS LANGSTROTHER – Posh Landed Lady.

MR PERRIWINKLE – Posh man with a slight country twang to his voice.

VICAR – Very cheery and positive.

PERKIN – Precisely spoken solicitor.



Approx 45-60 minutes



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