WE THREE by Arianna Rose


Three good friends gather during their high school reunion.  During the course of reminiscing, hidden resentments rise to the surface, and a secret is revealed that forever changes their history.



ALLIE, 40s-50s, Jewish female, smart, bookish, the peacemaker

LAWRENCE, 40s- 50s, Jewish gay male, funny, temperamental, therapist

GENEVIEVE, 40s-50s, Jewish female arts professional, loud, big-hearted



Staged Reading, Shakespeare Troupe’s “Quoting Shakespeare” Festival, 2019 South Florida Theatre League SummerFest, FL



“Friendship: now and then. It was painful then. It’s painful now. It was also true then and true now. Rose brings together the truths of the past and present in a lovely circle. A circle that stuns a friendship. And a circle that allows it to continue. The play is a treat out of the ordinary for middle-aged actors. We Three explores the past and present with care and honesty.” – Claudia Haas, Playwright


“This piece about high school best friends celebrating their reunion and finally telling secrets is breathtaking. The characters are well drawn and real. The secret is devastating and difficult. In the end, friendship is the thing that binds these three, Heartbreaking, hard and beautiful.” – Marj O’Neill-Butler, Director, Producer, Playwright



Approx 10-12 minutes




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