When her husband dies, Virginia is determined to throw ‘the best damn Irish wake ever.’ Her obstinacy and lack of flexibility in her beliefs wreak havoc with the family, the funeral home, the Mayor’s office and the Chinese government.




ANNE FLYNN: In her late 30s, she is the daughter of Francis and Virginia. Her parents are currently living in the home she shares with her husband, Ted. Anne is a bit bull-headed and easily flustered. She can have a sharp tongue when challenged or stressed.

VIRGINIA DOYLE: In her mid 70s, she is the devoted wife of Francis. She is a hard headed, Catholic woman of Irish heritage. When Virginia has made a decision, no one stands in her way be it her children or the Pope himself.

FRANCIS DOYLE: In his mid 70s, Francis has come to a bad time in life where he is experiencing dementia. He is still a handsome elegant gentleman who is loved by his wife, Virginia

TED FLYNN: In his late 30s, Ted is a lawyer and husband of Anne. He is the ultimate good guy who graciously accepted Virginia and Francis into their home to live. Ted can be a little flippant sometimes which can irk Virginia.

JACK DOYLE: In his early 40s, Jack is the son of Francis and Virginia. He lives in Chicago and leads a life Virginia finds less than Catholic. Jack is a good son under it all, but can be a little blunt sometimes.

BETH RUIZ: In her late 20s or early 30s, Beth is Jack’s current girlfriend. She works for the federal government. She is of Mexican heritage.

MAURICE HAMPTON: In his 50s, Maurice is the African-American owner of Shaugnessy’s Funeral Home. He is elegant, poised and can BS with the best of them when needed.

ERIC: In his 20s, Eric is Hampton’s assistant. He speaks only in ASL and has aspirations of being the first Sign Language Rapper. Despite his position in the funeral home, Eric tends to dress a bit “gangsta”.

WANG: 30ish of Chinese heritage. He is a member of a Chinese mob — more Mafia, than street .

HONG: 30ish also of Chinese heritage and partner in crime of Wong.




Staged Reading 2016


Approximately 90 minutes



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