UNMUTE ME! by Rich Orloff


UNMUTE ME! is a collection of Rich Orloff’s most popular short comedies and plays, adapted for Zoom.


I WAS FINE UNTIL YOU CAME INTO THE ROOM – A young man and young woman meet in an art gallery and don’t know what to say, but their conversation has ramifications that last generations. Grand Prize winner, Stage Door One-Act Festival, and Audience Favorite, SUNY Brockport Festival of Tens (2 m. 2 w.)

BERLIN PROMOTION – November 1988: A timid East German bureaucrat is willing to express any opinion to get a better job – as soon as he can figure out which opinion will get him the job! (3 m., 1 w.)

I WISH THE VOICES IN MY HEAD WOULD STOP YELLING LONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” – As the senior prom approaches, three unusual high school students struggle to overcome their fears in order to get a date. (2 m., 1 w.,
1 either – Although three of the characters are high school students, this is the type of “over the top” comedy where the actors can be much older.)

CAN THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED? – At Holy Divorce Court, the Human Being sues the Almighty on the grounds of abandonment and neglect. (1 m., 1 w, 2 either)

A WOMB WITH A VIEW – Inside the womb, a team prepares a baby who is very reluctant to leave the womb and begin life. (4 or 5 – one can just be a voice.)

MATTERHORN – Waiting in line at Disneyland, a stressed couple bicker until the husband comes up with a startling solution to their marital woes. Winner of the Palm Springs National Short Play Festival’s Audience Favorite Award. (1 w., 1 m.)

THE WOMAN WHO WANTED HER HUSBAND – A distraught woman confronts a canny actress with evidence that the actress is having an affair with her husband.A contemporary adaptation of the classic short comedy “A Matter of Husbands” by
the Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnar. (2 w.)

I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD COOK – A paraplegic school teacher gets an odd ultimatum when he opens up to his conservative brother, which makes both of them face the question, “What are big brothers for?” (2 m.)

BRIDE AND GLOOM – A nervous bride’s overwhelming fear of divorce prevents her from getting married. (1 m., 1 w.)

GOOD NEWS FROM ALBERT – Albert Einstein calls his mother to let her know he’s won the Nobel Prize, and she worries about what he’ll wear to the ceremony. (1 m., 1 w.)

NICE TIE – A woman and man envision totally different consequences if she lets him buy her a drink. (1 m., 1 w.)

THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN OF FORGIVENESS – A wife admits a shameful secret to her husband and is completely unprepared for his shameless response. (1 m., 1 w.)

BRAZILIAN WAX ELOQUENT – When a couple in their fifties vacation in Rio, a husband’s secret desire inspires a hair-raising suggestion from his wife. (1 m., 1 w.)

AFTER BREAKFAST – A contemporary adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s 1916 monologue “Before Breakfast”. Faced with a pile of unpaid bills, an exasperated wife underestimates the cost of getting her husband to eat breakfast. (1 w.)

SIDEBURNS – As a man shaves, he recalls his experience working as an underage usher at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention. (1 m.)



A variety of age, gender, characterisations within the 15 plays.

The plays in the collection have 1,2,3 or 4 characters



The short plays in UNMUTE ME! have had over 500 productions around the world.



These plays have won the Audience Favorite awards in four new play festivals (Palm Springs National Short Play Festival, Driftwood Players, Storefront Theatre, and State University of New York at Brockport), as well as the Grand Prize at the Stage Door New Play Festival,



The plays run for between 5 and 15 minutes each


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