TWO POINT OH by Jeff Dunne


Hammond had no idea that upgrading to the new, artificially-intelligent Alexa 2.0 would result in the device taking over his life, and is forced to answer an important question: how much are you willing to trade for a little convenience?



HAMMOND – A reasonably young author

ALEXA – The newest AI personal assistants. Character does not appear on stage, only as a voice.

NATHAN – Hammond’s best friend

CHARLIE – A sly employee at Amazon who has found a way to augment her income by helping people who have fallen prey to Alexa

KATIE – An old classmate of Hammond, and also a “thug” who helps Charlie with her back-alley sales.

AMELIA – The beta version of Alexa 2.0.  She also does not appear on stage, and should have a distinctly different vocal quality than Alexa.  She might speak with a slightly more stilted “computer voice” cadence, but should still sound very natural and expressive



Performed as part of Midnight Sun’s Serial Bowl III, and chosen as the Audience Choice (which is how the three-scene version came to be).

Produced as part of “Atypical Perspectives”, a one-acts production in Maryland (August, 2018).

Performed at The Laurel Mill Playhouse in 2019.

Performed as part of the Watermelon One-Acts Festival in 2019



“Jeff Dunne’s work in Two Point Oh is striking and brilliant as it perfectly illustrates the way technology has taken over our modern lives, only Dunne elevates this to an exponentially scary level with this piece. ” (Amanda Gunther, Theatre Bloom, 2018)



Approximately10 minutes (scene 1 only) or  Approximately 45 minutes (full one-act)



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