TWENTY SHILLINGS AND A DOG by Steven Christopher McKnight


In rustic England, Jonathan Kingsley becomes aware that his wife Mary has been having an affair with local landlord Beaumont Connelly, and resolves to publicly auction his wife off to Mr. Connelly one morning at the market square. The machinations of the story which unfold can only be described by young guttersnipe Jeff Marlowe as “oddly convenient.” In the end, everyone receives their comeuppance, Jonathan Kingsley is auctioned off, Mary Kingsley finds herself her own woman, and young Jeff Marlowe, having played the game and come out on top, learns a little bit about what it means to be a man.



Jonathan Kingsley – A farmer of some small fortune, but a lover of no fortune at all. He is a proud man with very little to take pride in, and is thusly insufferable.

Mary Kingsley – A farmer’s wife of very little fortune. She is oftentimes taken to be a sullen and brooding figure by those close to her, because she is, but when given the chance to escape from the monotony of her life, she will do so.

Catherine Smith – A spinster with a savior complex. Believes herself to be in control of most situations, even when she is not, and as a result, is not well-liked by those around her.

Daniel Smith – The elder brother of Catherine. A builder of some great fortune, but a speaker of no zero talent. Shies away from eye contact or physical contact of any kind, and as a result, has had no luck at all finding a wife. Has no control over any situation that does not involve building things, and is given very few opportunities to be in control.

Mr. Fletcher – A sly farmer with a business-oriented mind and no need for friends.

Mrs. Fletcher – A farmer’s wife who is great at judging people and is insufferable to be around.

Jeff Marlow – A young eavesdropper and extortionist, living the best life a homeless orphan can.

Beaumont Connelly – Mary Kingsley’s anonymous lover who is not quite as anonymous as he likes to think he is. Considers himself a pleasurer of women. He most certainly is not.

Baker – A Baker of little consequence. Has a nametag on that says “BAKER.” Has the floofy baker hat. Is definitely a Baker.



2019 Table Reading, Susquehanna University



Approximately 60 minutes



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