TUCUMCARI TONITE! by Philip Middleton Williams


Alex, a bail bondsman from Las Vegas, is taking Tony, a mob accountant, across country to his new life and identity under witness protection. They spend the night on the side of the road in the middle of the New Mexico desert among the dangers of the desert life, and learn some interesting truths about themselves and each other.



TONY:  Mob accountant under witness protection.  Mid-thirties, pudgy.

ALEX:  Bail bondsman.  Mid-thirties, athletic build.



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You know the old saying, “you don’t really know a man until you’ve spent the night handcuffed to him in the desert.” Even after you wake up, even after a long car ride together, it still takes a conversation. Among Tony and Alex’s skills, conversation is at the top of the list. Williams gives us two guys who are more or less on the same side but are still cautious. This is true of their circumstances and their conversation. A delight to read out loud and a gift for actors, the play presents a lovely nascent friendship. – Scott Sickles

A heartfelt dialogue in an unlikely place being had by two unlikely men about an unlikely subject. Other playwrights wouldn’t be able to pull those disparate parts together, but Philip Middleton Williams isn’t other playwrights. He creates a hilarious circumstance and shifts it subtly toward the more serious and more deeper exploration of fatherhood, regret, addiction, and shame. It’s a lovely two-hander that will stay with you after reading or seeing this show. – Franky Gonzalez



Approx 30-45 minutes



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