This is a play follows the story of John, an unemployed alcoholic who has been sent on a mission from up above. This mission is to find the love of his life, a woman called Kate. Kate has been on John’s mind for all of eternity, her jaw dropping beauty and her big heart show us why she is completely different to the rest of the women in the small town John resides in. He feels this strongly about this, that he makes it his goal to find her every night.

What John doesn’t realise is that he is actually married to Kate already, and it is poor Kate who needs to pick up John from the pub, once again. The question is, will John realise that he has already achieved his life purpose? Most importantly, will Kate knock some sense into John and finally get him home from the pub? Answer this question by reading on, because, after all, This is a Play.



: John. An unemployed alcoholic who has given up on the vast majority of his dreams, with the exception of one, the girl he has had a crush on, Kate. A woman John keeps having a recurring dream about every night. John’s goal is to find Kate in waking life and finally confess his love to her.

Kate: Kate is John’s crush. Kate is also John’s wife, but John doesn’t realise he is married to Kate all along. Kate’s goal is to take John home after his day drinking sessions in his local pub, but will she succeed in this endeavour.

Agnes the Witch: Agnes is the protagonist of the story. Agnes, nicknamed the Witch, is a local character who dresses up as a witch and has a distinct cackle, not unlike a witch in fact. John keeps mistaking Agnes for Kate, as she has long flowing black hair, not unlike Kate’s. When John approaches her and realises it isn’t Kate, he is infuriated, but Agnes keeps returning to antagonise our hero.



THIS IS A PLAY was first performed at the Llewellyn Hall, Swansea on 6 October 2019



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