THE WIZARD OF OZ by Paul Smith


A new take on the classic story of Dorothy Gale and her adventures. Frustrated with her school days and bored of life at home with her Aunt and Uncle, Dorothy is caught in a cyclone which whisks her and Toto away to the Land of Oz. Here she encounters the dance-crazy Munchkins,  the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch of the South West (who rather resembles her school cook). She meets new friends; a scarecrow, who tells awful jokes, a tin man who is found at a rubbish tip and a lion who bears a passing resemblance to her headmaster. As the gang all try to make their way to meet the Great Oz so he can help make their wishes come true, they are hampered by Flying Monkeys (John, Paul, George and Ringo) and the Wicked Witch’s Winkie army!

Once in the Emerald City they have one final hurdle to leap as they battle the Wicked Witch of the West! Will Dorothy make it home? Will the Scarecrow tell a funny joke? Will Toto be saved from the Winkies, and who really is the Great Oz? All is revealed in this fun packed adventure pantomime!

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Mr Leon – Headmaster /Lion
Dorothy Gale – A schoolgirl
Dame Betty Birdseed – A School cook / Good Witch of the South West
Bertie Birdseed – A schoolboy/ Scarecrow
Charlie Canister – A schoolboy/ Tin Man
Uncle Henry/Wizard
Aunt Em / Good Witch of the South
Miss Gulch – A teacher / Wicked Witch of the West
Toto – a dog!
Portia Henderson-Wilkes – A rich schoolgirl
Tristram Chortle-Minster – A rich schoolboy
Sid – A Munchkin
Lenny – A Munchkin
Lilly – A Munchkin
Gloria – A Munchkin
Wayne – A Munchkin
John – A Flying Monkey
Paul – A Flying Monkey
George – A Flying Monkey
Ringo – A Flying Monkey
Tab – A Crow
Lip – A Crow
Cos – A Crow
Snoz – A Crow
Dob – A Crow
Butch – A Winkie Soldier
Gary – A Winkie Soldier
Chuck – A Winkie Soldier
Calvin – A Winkie Soldier
Daphne – Secretary to the Great Oz
Various Munchkins, Teachers, Animals, Residents of Oz, Poppies etc


First Produced by Wellington Pantomime Group at the Wellesley Theatre, Wellington, Somerset – January 2016



Approximately 2 hours



Preview available here


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