THE WIZARD THAT WAS by Richard Hills


Coming home from school, Penny and Tuppence come across a wood and decide to explore. It turns out to be a magic wood. They meet Alice and the White Rabbit who take them to a village in the wood where they meet the Dame from Mother Goose, Idle Jack, Cinderella, Baroness Stony Broke, Baron Stony Broke, and the Robbers from Babes in the Wood.

King Leopold has asked Wizard Wisbang to get a Prince for his daughter’s eighteenth birthday. Instead, all Wizbang’s spells go wrong and he can’t put them right without his wand which someone has stolen.

How are the Pantomime characters going to get back to their right Pantomimes in time for Christmas, and how are Penny and Tuppence going to get home. Also will the King’s daughter get her Prince? Will the “Wizard that was” get back to being “The Wizard that is”?

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PENNY                                               A young school girl

TUPPENCE                                       A young school boy

ALICE                                                From Wonderland

DAME DIRBIN                                 The Dame from Mother Goose

IDLE JACK                                             The Dame’s son

BARON STONEY BROKE                   From Cinderella

BARONESS STONEY BROKE             His wife

CINDERELLA                                   Principal Girl

WHITE RABBIT                               From Wonderland

HOPPLEPOP                                     The King’s Herald

KING LEOPOLD                              King of Lauritania

PRINCESS ROSE                              Daughter of the King

WIZBANG                                          The Wizard that was

SCRIMP                                              Robber from Babes in the Wood

SCRAPE                                              Robber from Babes in the Wood

MAID                                                   To Countess Dreadnought

COUNTESS DREADNOUGHT        The Evil Countess

PRINCE FERDINAND                      Of Maritzia  (Principal Boy)

CHORUS of villagers, Guests at the Ball, servants to the Countess.

DANCERS  Group of Senior dancers

JUNIOR CHORUS AND DANCERS, as animals, Wise Old Owl, and Girl Countess, Delia and Fanny



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