The Witches of Dixons Hill is a completely new and original pantomime set in a small English village during the Middle Ages.

The two local witches, Mother C and Mother P, are searching for a third to complete their coven when news reaches them that the Witchfinder General is sending his men out across the country to track down witches.  The locals rally round to protect them, but when Robert the witchfinder arrives, they realise that they have little to worry about.  Robert is a novice who doesn’t have the first idea how to spot a witch.

Meanwhile Baron Wasteland is running things while the Lord of the Manor is “entertained” in the Tower of London. His guards, Tom, Dick and Harriet, aren’t the brightest, but they do try hard.  The Baron spends most of his time trying to avoid Mrs Bunn, the local baker (and dame) who has designs on him.  Mrs Bunn’s daughter, Chelsea, is waiting for love to arrive and consults the witches for a potion that might help … that is until she meets Robert and then she just needs the help of the villagers to get Robert to make the first move.

The witches step up their search for a third by holding a Hex Factor final, even roping in Robert to sit on the panel.  Robert plucks up the courage to speak to Chelsea, with a little help from Tom, Dick and Harriet and confesses that he never wanted to be a witchfinder at all and has always wanted to be a baker.

All end well.  The witches find their third, Chelsea finds love, the Lord of the Manor returns and even Mrs Bunn gets her man.

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John Grubbe:  Villager and narrator

Baron Wasteland:  Ineffectual and temporary Lord of the Manor

Tom:  One of Baron W’s guards

Dick:  One of Baron W’s guards

Harriet:  One of Baron W’s guards

Mrs Bunn:  A Dame, baker and mother of Chelsea

Chelsea Bunn:  Only daughter of Mrs Bunn

Mother C:  A witch

Mother P:  Another witch

Robert Perot:  A newly qualified witch finder

The Villagers:  to include:

Matilda Briggs:  Villager and contestant

Jane Spicer:  Villager and contestant

Mary Higginbottom:  Villager and contestant

Sir Thomas Carmichael:  Lord of the manor

The Villager’s Children:  At least six         



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