THE WINE OF WRATH by Kenneth N Kurtz


The Wine of Wrath is a free-verse adaptation of Euripides’s The Bacchae. It differs from the original Greek tragedy in that the chorus speeches have been rendered as lyrics for four increasingly impassioned ladies’ hymns to the god and one vicious men’s hunting song, and the original’s offstage scene wherein Dionysus transforms the young headstrong king into a female spy has also been imagined as an onstage cross-dressing premonition of the horror that is to come.



Dionysus (Dee-oh-ny-sus), otherwise known as The Stranger. The god of wine and feeling. As gods go, he’s twenty-one.

 Agave (Ah-gah-vay), mother of King Pentheus, 45

Chorus of six to eight Theban women dressed

Cadmus (Cad-mus), retired king, an octogenarian.

Tiresias (Tye-ree-see-yus), a blind, ancient priest of Apollo 

Pentheus (Penth-ay-oose), the new king, 18

Five guardsmen, of that “army” age.  Guardsman #1 is their grizzled captain.

Messenger, a young herdsman (25), who works on the mountain.



Approx 60 minutes



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