THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS – THE PANTOMIME by Dan Smith and Claire Hughes


When Mole is forced above ground and he meets dear old Ratty he does not imagine that such an exciting adventure awaits him! The Weasels of Wild Wood have a dastardly plot to get Toad out of Toad Hall and to declare themselves rulers of the Willows. Can Mole along with Ratty, Otter and Badger rescue Toad and his (interesting) housekeeper Mary in time for Christmas? Or will Christmas be cancelled in the Willows forever?



Toad –           Toad of Toad Hall. An eccentric, posh, well to do character who is silly but kind hearted. (Male)

Ratty –           Lives on the river and is a clever, quick witted but relaxed character who has been friends with Toad for many years and takes Mole under his wing. He pretends to be cultured and is very stubborn. (Male/Female)

Mole –            A nervous and timid character who is keen for adventure but is cautious and unsure. (Male/Female) 

Badger –       A grumpy hermit who enjoys a comfy chair and a cup of tea in his badger hole. (Male/Female)

Otter –           Audience participation character, cheeky, jack the lad type character. (Male/Female)

Mary Twinkle –       Mary is the new housekeeper at Toad Hall yet she rarely does any housework. She has been married several times and isn’t shy. (Male)

Weasel One –          Villain.  One, as he is known, leads the weasels in a plot to frame Toad and take over Toad Hall. (Male/Female)

 Weasel Two –          One’s second in command, Two, is very stupid and makes lots of mistakes but follows One blindly. (Male/Female)

Kenneth –      He is part of stage crew and brings on various stage props whilst trying to keep the show running with as little mess as possible. Very dry/sarcastic (Male)

Frogette –      The jailer’s daughter, she helps Toad and Mary escape from prison. (Female)

Animal 1

Animal 2

Animal 3

Policeman 1

Policeman 2


Chorus –       Various animals, rabbits, weasels etc.



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