THE TRIAL by Jeff Dunne


A woman being accused of witchcraft turns the tables on the council of elders by asking them to define the nature of magic.



ELDER ONE Charles is the lead Elder.  He is a patient, thoughtful, and purposeful man.
ELDER TWO Colin Farnsworth is an Elder from another city who has come to represent an “unbiased” perspective.  He is judgmental, and strongly opposed to the practice of witchcraft.
ELDER THREE Michael Downing has a fiery, intolerant personality, and enjoys serving as an Elder far too much.  He is power hungry, blood-thirsty, and confidence-starved.
WOMAN Mary is a smart and insightful woman who has a profound understanding of the nature of the universe, and through it found abilities that others consider to be magic.



Produced as part of Rapid Lemon Productions’ Variations on Magic Competition in 2017.

Produced as part of “Atypical Perspectives”, a one-acts production in Maryland (August, 2018).



“‘The Trial’ by Jeff Dune hit home [with] a monologue that gave me chills. This trial had my brains swirling trying to think of the blockages that might exist in my life because of emotions like fear or the inability to completely understand or even try to understand things that make me uncomfortable. The play was phenomenal in a way that made me shiver and empathize with all those women exercising their natural abilities and being condemned for it and forced gifted women to operate in secret as opposed to training others to grow in the gifts they obtained.” (Alisa Brock, MD Theatre Guide)



Approximately 10 minutes



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