THE TEACHER by Daniel Wolf


It’s the first day of school for teachers. Mr. Benson, the principal, introduces Katherine Evans, a school district official, who describes a new program requiring teachers to follow scripted lessons. Michael objects, stating that scripted lessons don’t allow teachers to apply their own talents as educators. Later that day he becomes acquainted with a new teacher, Selina Welsh. They become romantically involved, which results in Michael’s ending his relationship with his Vietnamese girlfriend, Jenny.

During a formal teacher observation, Michael deviates from the prescribed script, causing Benson to storm out angrily. After informing Jerry Feldman, the school’s union representative, what had occurred, Michael enters Selina’s classroom, only to find her in romantic embrace with another teacher. Michael and Jerry meet with Benson and Evans. After discussing Benson’s negative evaluation, Evans reads a letter from Selina accusing Michael of sexual harassment. Michael is placed on probation pending an investigation. When Michael tells his mother what has happened, she is shocked by his behavior.



Michael Finberg: 30’s. Elementary school teacher.

Mr. Benson: 40’s-50’s, school principal.

Selina Welsh: 20’s, school teacher, strikingly attractive.

Jenny:20’s-30’s, Michael’s Vietnamese girlfriend.

Jerry Feldman: 30’s, teacher/union representative.

Chris Simmons:20’s-30’s, physical education teacher, strong build

Katherine Evans: 30’s-40’s, school district official.

Rita Finberg: 60’s, Michael’s mother.



Approximately 75 minutes



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