THE SONS by Daniel Wolf


Rita, the widow of Sy; their sons, Ben and Michael; and Michael’s girlfriend, Sandi, return to Rita’s home after visiting Sy’s grave. While Rita goes to change, Ben and Michael tell Sandi stories about their father. When Ben is back at his medical practice in California, he calls his brother, urging him to visit. Upon arrival, Michael is shown a letter indicating Ben’s upcoming trial date. Through flashbacks Ben explains how one of their father’s best friends, Norm Singer, asked him to falsify Medicare reports in order to pocket the reimbursement. Ben agreed, which will ultimately result in his conviction. After visiting Ben in prison, Michael confronts Norm, who admits that he had set Ben up so as to avoid discovery of his own illegal activities. Upon his release, Ben reunites with Michael and Rita. Together with Sy they re-create a scene described earlier in the play.



Rita Finberg: Mother of Michael and Ben, widow of Sy (sixties)

Sy Finberg: Rita’s late husband (sixties)

Michael Finberg: older son of Rita and Sy (mid to late thirties)

Ben Finberg: younger son of Rita and Sy (early thirties)

Sandi: Michael’s girlfriend (late twenties to thirties)

Norm Singer (seventies)

Two FBI agents

Prison guard


If necessary,The Sons can be performed with as few as 5 actors as follows: 1. Rita Finberg, FBI agent 2. Norm Singer, Sy Finberg, prison guard 3. Sandi, secretary, FBI agent 4. Ben Finberg 5. Michael Finberg



Approximately 75 minutes



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