THE SEA by Tom Froy


‘The Sea’ is about London and loneliness; two things which seem to come hand-in-hand. Lots of people move to London because it’s ‘where it’s at’ and ‘there’s so much going on’, but then when they get there, there’s much too much going on and it can be difficult to feel like you’ve really got a hold on anything. There’s so much happening around us and without us that it can often feel like everything is going on without you and you feel disconnected. So it can be easy to feel lonely in London. ‘The Sea’ is about someone who tries to respond to feeling disconnected by ‘doing stuff that people’ do, even if this feels a bit forced some times. They meet someone, but communication is somewhat forced. The ending is a bitter-sweet, neither happy nor sad ‘that’s how it is’, kind of end.

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A – aged in 20s – gender/race blind

B- aged in 20s – gender/race blind

Several recorded voices



Originally performed with an interval – 75minutes including 15 minute interval

May be performed without an interval



Original production: Camden People’s Theatre, March 2018



All music choices are flexible.


The original production was accompanied by a series of film clips, produced by Gabriel Whitehead. Cost: £40

For use, contact Gabriel Whitehead at




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