The Richard Nixon Sex Tapes is a full-length play composed of eleven one-act plays each focusing on one of the American president’s from JFK – Trump (1963 – 2017) and is the playwright’s interpretation of modern American history and how the policies, decisions and decisions of politicians impact the lives of regular citizens.



On the day after JFK is assassinated, a teenage boy longs for a connection with his quiet and emotionally detached father.

Roy Mitchell – a working class African-American WWII army veteran, who is terrified of his feelings, 40s

Sammy Mitchell – his 15-year-old son who is desperate for his father’s love

Themes: familial love, racism, coping with loss, overcoming silence, fathers and sons

(running time: 15 – 20 minutes)



(an anti-war play)

A rebellious Jewish soon-to-be college graduate fights for the last available seat in a rabbinical school that has been set up as a haven for draft dodgers. If the rabbi denies the student, who is atheist, entrance into his school, the boy will be shipped off to Vietnam.

Rabbi Sholomo Wasserman – an Orthodox rabbi born in Germany for whom everything is either black or white, pro-war, late 40s.

Cheese Williams – a preppy and privileged African American college student, apolitical, early 20s

Danny Friedman – a spoiled and rebellious college student, Jewish, atheist, anti-war, early 20s

Themes: pro-war/anti-war sentiment, the marriage of religion and politics, duty to one’s country, pacifism, white privilege

(Running time – 35-40 minutes)



(a sex farce)

It is the final days of Nixon’s presidency. He is drunk and on the verge of madness when he arranges an Oval Office tryst with Rose Mary Woods, his loyal, lustful, 57-year old virgin secretary. The 18 1⁄2 minute gap in the Nixon tapes isn’t about Watergate, it’s an attempt to cover up their night of debauchery that was accidentally recorded.

Richard Milhous Nixon – 37th President of the United States in the waning days of his presidency when alcohol and madness have begun to take over, early 60s.

Rose Mary Woods – Nixon’s loyal secretary who lusts after him. A virgin, inexperienced in the ways of love, horny, late 50s.

Themes: the marriage of politics and sex, self-preservation, power and madness, the limits of loyalty, racism and anti-Semitism

(running time 35 – 40 minutes)




(a ghost story)

Moments after pardoning Nixon, Gerald R. Ford realizes he will be tormented by the ghost of Nixon for the rest of his life.

Gerald R. Ford – 38th President of the United States in way over his head, ineffective in all realms of life, early 60s.

Richard Milhous Nixon – after resigning from office, re-born, devilish

Betty Ford – the President’s outspoken wife, a chic and articulate First Lady, late 50s.

Jerry terHorst – Ford’s press secretary, small of stature, huge of conscience, early 50s.

Themes: self-delusion, selling out, the price of loyalty, the pangs of consciousness

(running time: 10 – 15 minutes)



MALAISE (Carter)

(a comedy sketch)

In the final days of his failed presidency, Jimmy Carter enters a financial relationship with the Saudi Kingdom to buy a positive place in history.

Jimmy Carter – 39th President of the United States, a religious zealot who worships God and money, late 50s.

Cabinet Member #1 – a good ol’ boy, 40s – 60s. Cabinet Member #2 – another good ol’ boy, 40s – 60s.

Cabinet Member #3 – a woman who is much smarter than her good ol’ boy counterparts, 40s – 60s.

Mr. Bin Laden – a wealthy, Middle Eastern businessman, older brother of Osama, 30s – 40s.

Prince Fahd – son of the King of Saudi Arabia, looks good in a flowing robe, 50s

Arab Diplomat #1 – an emissary from the United Arab Emirates, 30s – 60s

Arab Diplomat #2 – an emissary from the United Arab Emirates, 30s – 60s

Themes: failure, greed, religious fanaticism, anti-Semitism

(running time: 8 – 10 minutes)



(a musical)

Minutes after being sworn in as 40th president, Ron and Nancy sing and dance in the Oval Office about the greed and corruption that’s about to rain down on America.

Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the United States, handsome, exhausted, lazy, 70s

Nancy Reagan – the First Lady, sweet on the outside, ruthless beneath, 60s

Cabinet Members #1, #2, and #3 from Malaise

Themes: corruption, greed, manipulation and marriage, lust for power

(running time: 10 minutes)


MY THREE SONS (George H.W. Bush)

(a sitcom)

Christmas with the Bushes. Jeb brings his Mexican fiancé home from college. Neil is a suck up. George, Jr. is coked up. The maid has joined the Black Panthers. And as Papa Bush practices his putting in the living room, Barb holds the family together.

Congressman George H.W. Bush – the future 41st President of the United States and a father who has no control over his family, 40s

Neil Bush – a sycophantic 15-year-old

Jeb Bush – an uptight college student who exhibits country club manners, early 20s

George W. Bush – a rowdy graduate student with a drug problem, age 25

Barbara Bush – a stern mother/wife who runs the show with an iron fist, 40s

Columba – Jeb’s girlfriend, a smart, shy, well-mannered college student, Mexican, early 20s

Themes: sibling rivalry, marriage and power, racism, greed, anti-Semitism, materialism, tribalism

(running time: 10 minutes)


TRIM (Clinton)

(a romantic comedy)

President Clinton’s advisor wants Air Force One to lift off, but Bill insists they stay grounded on an LAX runway until his hairstylist arrives. A look into what really happened on that day in May 1993 when planes couldn’t take off or land because our sexually-obsessed President needed a $200 trim.

William Jefferson Clinton – 42nd President of the United States, a handsome, insecure man who yearns to be loved and feels compelled to seduce everyone he meets, mid-40s

George – his intellectually gifted advisor, frustrated because his advice is always ignored, early 30s

Mr. Marseille – hairstylist to the stars, artistic, articulate, African, 30s – 40s

Themes: egotism, lust, insecurity, sexual obsession, homosexuality

(running time: 35 – 40 minutes)



(a classroom comedy)

A veteran teacher administers a federally mandated test to his class of low-achieving students. Their scores dictate whether he will continue teaching or lose his job.

Mr. or Ms. Sampson – a public school teacher (not white), empathic and exhausted, 50s,

Janelle Dawson – a smart, well-to-do African American who likes to be left alone, 17.

Jorge Villareal – a recent arrival to American, overly attentive, lonely, lost, Latino, 15 – 18

Ed Johannassen – a high-strung white kid ready to get in anyone’s face, 15 – 18

Skateboarder – a boy or girl who will do anything to avoid going to class, 15 – 18

Officer Tonya Campbell – a campus cop eager to shackle anyone for any offense, female, 25 – 35

Mrs. Thompson – a bossy administrator who should have been forced into retirement 30 years ago, 50s – 60s.

Themes: public education, structural racism, government overreach, rebellious students

(running time: 15 minutes)



(a one-person show)

A teacher, inspired by President Obama’s balling skills, finds a connection with a turned- off student by challenging him to game of one-on-one basketball in front of the entire school.

Steve Cantor – a workaholic high school teacher, 40s, obsessed with basketball, President Obama and bettering the lives of his inner-city students all of which serve as excuses to keep him from going home and examining his own life.

Themes: political idolatry, teaching, loneliness, basketball, dignity in work

(running time: 10 – 15 minutes)



(a tragic comedy)

Post-election, the Trump Brothers feeling lonely and overwhelmed by their father’s success, go to a hunting lodge to kill some small animals and wait to be reunited with Ivanka for some much-needed family time. And they wait. And they wait. For their sister, who like their father, has surpassed them.

Donald Trump, Jr. – angry at the world for reasons he cannot articulate, late 30s

Eric Trump – a sensitive young man torn between obedience to his father, love for his mother and jealousy of his sister. Has no idea where he fits into the world, early 30s

Themes: sibling rivalry, fathers and sons, hunting as sport, unappreciated and unloved

(running time: 10 minutes)









“Shalom Vietnam” was performed at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood and was awarded the Audience Award in a one-act festival there and received staged readings at the William Inge New Play Festival in Independence, Kansas and at the Actors Studio West in West Hollywood, CA.
“The Morning After”,” “The Richard Nixon Sex Tapes,” “Trim,” and “Ballin’ Like Barack,” were performed at the Stephanie Feury Studio in Hollywood.
“Waiting for Ivanka” was performed at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood.





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