THE PERFECT WEDDING – A Play by Judith Foot


Ashleigh is marrying Zach and she wants everything to be perfect, but the odds seem to be stacked against her.

Felicity, Ashleigh’s Mother, is in her element as she begins to plan the no expense spared wedding, much to the dismay of her Husband, Colin, who is trying to keep a reign on the ever increasing expenditure.

Tensions run high as Ashleigh and Zach bring their two families together for the first time, with comic results. The ensuring engagement party is in full swing when Zach’s Father takes the twist a step too far and upsets the bride to be, and her Mother.

It’s champagne all round when Ashleigh and her six bridesmaids visit the Sheer Bliss dress shop to try on their dresses, but giggles turn to frustration and she begins to question her reasons for wanting to get married.

Zach’s parents own the Blackbird Club and it is the venue for an evening of music and hypnotism, resulting in two members of the family falling under a spell which has them literally transformed.

The Best Man has planned the stag party down to the last detail, but a broken handbrake throws the arrangements into chaos. The Chief Bridesmaid and Zach’s Auntie Sharon have worked together to provide a day of pampering for the female members of both families, but an over eager limo driver and a faulty sauna, create havoc.

With a week to go to the wedding, Ashleigh receives news which will test her resilience. Both families rally to help with a surprising outcome.

Amid the confusion and mayhem there is plenty of hilarity and fun. Will Ashleigh get her perfect Wedding? You are invited to join the guest list and find out!



The Hill-Berry Family

  1. Ashleigh Hill-Berry – Glamorous Bride to be – slightly shallow and spoilt
  2. Felicity Hill-Berry – Mother of the bride – a snobbish and domineering woman who revels in the organization of her daughter’s wedding
  3. Colin Hill-Berry – Father of the bride – down trodden man who fears his wife will bankrupt him
  4. Lizzy Hill-Berry – Sister of the bride – affable and a bit dopey. Casual attire
  5. Megan Hill-Berry – Sister of the bride – successful business woman. Smart attire
  6. Gran – Grandmother of the bride – a feisty personality who enjoys weight training and kickboxing – sports attire


The West family

  1. Zack West – Groom to be – pleasant man who only wants to please everyone
  2. Harry Dawes – Best man and friend of the groom – love relationship with Lizzy
  3. Jez West – Father of the groom – Club owner, sociable and bit of a joker
  4. Donna West – Stylish Mother of the groom – singer at the Club
  5. Sharon Nicholas – Donna’s outrageous cockney sister who speaks before she thinks – favours short skirts/leopard prints
  6. Pedro Garcia Rodrigues – Spanish bull fighter and boyfriend of Sharon Nicholas – Spanish accent required – colourful costumes



  1. Becky – Teacher friend of Ashleigh’s
  2. Rachel – Teacher friend of Ashleigh’s – slightly ditzy
  3. Olivia – Teacher friend Ashleigh’s – always sees the negative side of things
  4. Phoebe – Teacher friend of Ashleigh’s – Chief Bridesmaid
  5. Esmerelda – hypnotist (cameo role which could be played by actress playing Megan)




ACT ONE – 1 Hour approx

ACT TWO – 48 minutes approx



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