Deciding that it is safer to travel all the way to Bethlehem disguised as men, the three drag kings: Balthasar, Melchior and Gasper, open this quirky and fast-paced retelling of the Nativity story.

It follows the arduous journey of Mary, Joseph and their donkey Tarquin who wrongly believes he has developed superpowers (or maybe he has?) (No, he hasn’t) (or -maybe he has?)

Meanwhile evil Queen Doris is trying to poison her husband Herod so that she can rule his kingdom. But when she hears of the birth of Baby Jesus, she conspires to kill him too.

Fortunately, Tarquin the donkey, with the help of apprentice shepherd, Ezekiel (who keeps nodding off when counting sheep) manage to save the day. Queen Doris and her Roman guards are defeated by Tarquin who turns himself invisible (or maybe he doesn’t?) (Yes, he does).

This age-old story is told with more than a hint of whimsy, while at the same time staying true to its Christian roots.

With seven female, seven male and eight other characters which can be played by either sex this panto is suitable for the entire family.

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Balthasar – female

Melchior – female

Gasper – female

Dame Ann – the dame

Mary – female

Tarquin – male

Angel Gabriel – male or female

Herod – male

Claudia – female

Doris – female

Joseph – male

Optimus – male or female

Damocles – male or female

Ezekiel – male

Rufus – male

Theophilus – male

Innkeeper – male or female

Star – female or child

Wolf – male or female or child

Head Sheep – male or female

Sheep 2 and Sheep 3 – male or female or child



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