THE MOTEL PLAYS by Art Shulman


A collection of 10 short one-act plays, all set at a motel.

RENEWING VOWS: An older man, accompanied by his recently separated daughter, is about to renew his marriage vows to his deceased wife. (M1 F1)

ON A SCALE FROM 1 TO 10: Two plain looking misfits discuss their relationship. (M1 F1)

BETTING POOL: A game of Marco-Polo is interrupted by a newly arrived man at the motel pool. (M2 F2)

MENDING: A women whose marriage is falling apart addresses her inattentive husband. (M1 F1)

MEETING AT MIDNIGHT: Two strangers who happen to be on the motel patio discuss the serial killer who’s been in the neighborhood. (M1 F2)

ALBERT & MARILYN: A physicist and former actress meet at the motel pool. (M1 F1)

CHAPTER 3: The owner of a motel, about to sell it, is visited by a wealthy woman who visits the motel once a year. (M1 F1)

PARTICIPANT OBSERVER: A man claiming to be working toward his doctorate by collecting data as a participant observer attempts to seduce an attractive woman. (M1 F1)

DEAR REBECCA: Two strangers, both perhaps desperate, meet at the motel patio and discuss suicide. (2 M or F)

FORCED MOTEL STAY: The COVID pandemic forces a young couple to quarantine at a motel. (M1 F1)



A variety characters – 23 in total of various ages and gender.



Each play runs approximately 12-20 minutes



Preview available here

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