THE METER MEN by Simon Cheetham


A rogue meter reader is on the loose ! He’s reading electric and gas meters as and when he wishes – this simply cannot go on. Head of security Phil Taylor and his assistant Danny Spencer enlist the help of veteran meter man Bill Howard to track him down. Can they get to the bottom of this heinous behaviour ?



Phil Taylor, Head of Security at Phoenix Power. A company man, no Rogue Reader gets away with it on his watch.

Danny Spencer, Phil’s assistant. Young and keen as mustard.

Bill Howard, a legend in the meter reading world, he now operates his own independent meter security outfit

Sue Callaghan : Office secretary, Phoenix Power.

Tony Price: Meter Reader.

Mrs. Carol Bebbings : Phoenix Power customer.

Ken Gibbs : Senior Reporter, The Echo.

Annie Barnes : BBC TV Reporter .

Mary Howard : Bill’s wife



Approximately 45 minutes



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