THE LITTLE MERMAID by Dan Smith & Claire Hughes


When Ariel, the Princess of Atlantis, turns 18 she is allowed to journey to the surface of the sea. During her trip she sees the handsome Prince Eric and wishes more than anything that he would fall in love with her. Meanwhile Ursula, the wicked sea witch, is hatching a plan to take down Triton, the King of Atlantis, so she can take the crown for herself. She plots to capture Ariel by bringing Prince Eric down to her lair, but the plan fails when Ariel saves the Prince, believing he is drowning.

Ursula is determined to capture Ariel in order to use her as blackmail to the King and so her next plan is to offer Ariel a potion to make her human so she can truly be with Eric. The potion, however, is in exchange for Ariel’s voice and will only last a few days. To make the change permanent she must kiss Eric, if she doesn’t she will be enslaved to Ursula forever. Of course, Ursula has a plan to make sure Eric falls for someone else; Ariel’s sister. With the help of Seb and her Grandmother, can Ariel make Prince Eric see who he truly loves? And can they stop Ursula from becoming queen of Atlantis?



Ariel-                          Principal girl- The little mermaid who makes a deal with Ursula to exchange her voice for human legs so she can meet Eric.

 Eric-                           Principal boy- A human prince whom Ariel falls in love with.

 Seb-                           Audience participation- The Kings trusted servant.

 Ursula-                      An evil sea witch who wants to rule Atlantis and will stop at nothing to get the crown.

Grandmother –        Dame- Ariel’s Grandmother, a busy body who always tags along, unwanted, with Ariel.

Bryan –                      Eric’s best friend.

 King Triton-             Ariel’s father and King of Atlantis.

 Persil –                       Ariel’s sister. She betrays Ariel because she is jealous that she is her father’s favourite.

 Interpreter –              A character who is equipped with large white boards to encourage the audience to shout out and to speak for Ariel when her voice is taken by Ursula.

Keith –                        Bar man/presides over the wedding

Chorus –                    Fish, sea creatures, sailors etc



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