All is peaceful in the Kingdom of Camelot. No naughty knights have tried to take over for ages. One day, however, the evil Morgana plays a nasty trick on the Lady of the Lake, then tries once more to take Arthur’s throne away from him. Do our heroes stand a chance against the forces of evil? With the help of a knee-sliding horse, a man who is definitely not called Wayne, and a large dose of traditional British pantomime fun, our heroes intend to do their best to restore normality to the Kingdom… but beware the Questing Beast!



King Arthur: a semi-retired middle-aged King

Nimsie: The Lady of the Lake, a good sorceress, if played by a female
Merlin: a good wizard, if played by a male.  (The role is written as Nimsie in the script.  See Production Notes.)

Morgana le Fay: an evil sorceress, if played by a female
Mordred: an evil wizard, if played by a male.  (The role is written as Morgana in the script.  See Production Notes.)

Tortolina: daughter of Morgana

Queen Guinevere, or Gwinny:  Arthur’s wife, and the Pantomime Dame

Gawain: a disgraced ex-knight and eventual fiancé of Tortolina

Henry the Horse: person in single person horse costume

The Questing Beast: a terrible monster with the head of a snake and the body of a leopard potentially played by same actor as Morgana / Mordred

A recorded customer service voice



A version with the same but slightly different characters and more or less the same story was performed at the Midlands Arts Centre on 18 January 2018.

Reading via Microsoft Teams – Thringstone Pantomime and Drama Society on 13 August 2020

Reading by The Moat Players – September 2020



‘King Arthur The pantomine is a lovely, family friendly script.
This script would be especially suitable for a performance for (or including) school aged children due to it’s very wholesome nature.
If you’re looking for double entendre then this is not the script for you but it is not lacking in audience participation, an easy to follow but enjoyable plot and likeable characters to entertain the whole family.’ Sally Berger – The Moat Players

“This script does a great job of delivering the characters we expect, the storyline we want and the end result we’re hoping for, along with the bad jokes, the routines and the audience interaction that makes it a proper pantomime.”

“It’s beautifully done, and a lot of fun.” Damian Trasler, Playwright



Approximately 90 minutes



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