The play is an affectionate but slightly tongue-in-cheek look at the people that enjoy amateur acting and some of the problems that arise from their ambitions, whether they be artistic or amorous. It is not a farce, but a carefully scripted comedy, based on characters observed over the many years that the author trod the boards in small and large AmDram groups before settling down in Dorset to teach and write.

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  1. Rick=gay, gossip, looks like Odie from Garfield, son of Pam and ?
  2. Piers=   smelly and disgusting ‘Don’t forget the air freshener’
  3. Pam=boss bag ‘married to Geoff, mother of Rick
  4. Lesley= drunk, sex mad  mother of Mike
  5. Joan= prude ‘Time for tea’.Roy Cropper style carrier bag.Aunty of Pam.
  6. Margaret= ‘star’ old, ex- wife of Ken.
  7. Sonia= good heart, never knows her lines; ex-wife of Ken
  8. Michelle= young totty, daughter of Tim
  9. Geoff= lovely old boy, now married to Pam
  10. Chris=Fiendish aspergers type- the plunge into darkness
  11. Katie=Climb on your lap/ I’m so cute
  12. Pauline= too old for the girl parts but doesn’t want to play Mums, ex wife of Geoff
  13. Tim= ( lechery)has fiendishly ugly wife and 6 kids
  14. Carlene– mad on boy band, stalker type, bimbo
  15.  Ken= mumbling, never knows his lines, etc, ex husband of Marg & Sonia
  16. Billie=A superannuated teen , aged 35, recently married
  17. John= adrenalin junkie
  18. Mike =Young boy ,good actor but not quick on the uptake, Carlene and Rick after him



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