THE GHOSTS OF MARTHA RUDD by Dennis Diamond & Pat Blosse


Martha Rudd is a hard as nails no-nonsense farmer’s wife, who attracts suspicion like flies to a slurry pit. With the bleak, Exmoor winter of 1941 as its backdrop, a poignant story of lost love and supernatural forces swirls about a remote moorland farmhouse where Martha rules the roost. When Martha’s two sons leave for war, the farm takes on a trio of Land Girls, a catalyst for the past to resurface. This is a comedy thriller full of paranormal overtones and a Christmas feel-good ending.



EMILY DUNNE (41), Land Girl, Manchester born, assigned to take the place of Frank and Lucian Rudd, sons of the farm owners, who have been called-up to fight in WWII.

JOE RUDD (61), Farm owner, speaks broad Devonian and fairly unintelligible, brow-beaten by his wife.

MARTHA RUDD (61) Farmer’s wife, a harridan, hard-working, short-tempered and unpopular.

BETTY PASSMORE (mid 20s), Land Girl but city girl at heart, from Plymouth, thinks herself to be superior to and better educated than the ‘country bumpkins’ around her, not accustomed to being spoken to harshly, very opinionated and workshy.

CONNIE GREENSLADE (18-19), Land Girl, used to the country life having been brought up with horses near Tiverton, does most of Betty’s work, excitable but shy and not very talkative, very naïve and unworldly.

NICK CLATWORTHY (65) Martha’s cousin, the local black marketeer, poacher, postman, firewatcher, odd-job man and vicar,

MINNIE CLATWORTHY (66) Martha’s sister, blousy, flamboyant, unmarried, a self-proclaimed psychic medium, always trying to get one-up on her sister.

ENYD CLATWORTHY (mid 20s) An orphan, found wandering on Exmoor as a young girl.

ROGER BLAKEMORE (50ish) a large, red-faced farmer with a strong Devon accent,

WILLIAM RUDD (about 80), grandfather to Joe and Albert, died in 1906.

ALBERT RUDD (late 20s), Joe’s older brother, died in 1906.

MR AND MRS SMYTH (middle-aged) a country couple with city aspirations, neighbours of the Rudds.

The MISS FITZ TWINS (elderly) maiden aunts of Martha and Minnie, one is almost blind, the other almost deaf.

OLD MA HUXTABLE (very elderly) a stout, strong-willed country woman, second cousin to Joe Rudd.

SPINSTER DEWDROP (Mildred) (very elderly), a small, thin, frail, distant cousin of Joe Rudd.




Approx 2 hours including interval



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