This is a play about family. As one generation evolves into another, echoes of past relationships still remain

Act One finds Simon and Tessa are on the brink of adulthood, struggling to move from children to mature people in their own right.  Can they make that transition and do their parents even want it?

Frank wants it. A hard working man saddled with a sick mother-in-law and two children at a young age, he looks forward to an empty nest, but is that what Beth wants?

Act Two finds the children now parents themselves but still falling into the role of child when with their own parents.

But, as years pass, gradually Simon and Tessa find themselves taking on the role of parents to their own parents – a situation many people find themselves in today.

As always, there is comedy as well as pathos in life, and so too in this drama set across 43 years.

Will Beth be able to resist attempts to make her the child of her own children?

Can Simon and Tessa work together to end a childhood feud for the good of their mother?

Will Simon ever grow up?

And will Sal forgive herself for the secret she’s kept from everyone for more than 50 years?



Characters: Act One – 1973

Elizabeth (Beth) Cooper –38 years old

Frank Cooper – 42. Self-made man

Simon Cooper – 20 years old. At college doing a business course

Teressa (Tessa) Cooper – 16/17 years old. Passionate about animals

Sally – 24. Neighbour and daughter of Hazel, Beth’s best friend


Characters: Act Two – 1999 (26 years later)

Elizabeth – now 64 years old  beginning to struggle with rheumatoid arthiritis

Frank – now 68 years old  Retired

Simon – now 46 years old. Father of 12 yr old twins. Married to Ellie

Sally – now 50 years old


Characters: Act Three – 2016 (16 years later)

Tessa – Simon’s sister now 58 years old. Runs an animal sanctuary in Spain

Simon: now 62 years old. Has married his “affair” and divorced his wife

Sally: – now 66 years old

Beth – 80 Still misses her husband who died 8 years before

Writer’s Note:

This play is intended to be performed by a cast of 5 but can be played by any number between 5 and 13.



About 60 minutes



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