THE FROG PRINCE by Allison Savory


The Frog Prince is a pantomime. The beautiful Princess Monica has come of age and her Father, the great and wise but old King, wants her to find a husband to help out with royal duties. With the marriage will come great wealth and domination of a lot of land and people. An evil Baron is more interested in the wealth and land than the princess. On the eve of the celebration day, when suitors come to show their suitably as a royal husband, the princess meets the handsome Prince Fred and they fall in love. However, the Baron has seen this and, with the help of Sonia, a spiteful fairy, the Prince is turned into a frog where his only release is a kiss from someone who truly loves him.

This story is inspired by the old fairy tale of the same name by the Brothers Grimm. Although, in the fairy tale there was not an evil Baron, a cook for a pantomime dame, a rather ‘punchy’ kitchen boy and two very silly castle guards. The story takes us through the usual pantomime fun where the goodies try to save the day and the baddies put as many obstacles in their way to stop it. There is fun, laughter and singing throughout for a show for all the family.

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Prince Frederick/Frog – principal boy

Princess Monica – principal girl

The Baron – evil baddie

Sonia, the spiteful fairy – the petulant fairy who casts a spell on the prince at the behest of the Baron

King Ned – the Princess’ widowed father

Edith the Castle Cook – Dame (male)

Ada the Castle Cleaner – helps the Dame (female)

Punchy – the kitchen boy who wants to be a boxer

Lip, a Castle guard – one of the funnies (cheeky one)

Lop, a Castle guard – one of the funnies (dumb one)

Hetty – Main Lady-in-Waiting

Tessy – Lady-in-Waiting

Essy – Lady-in-Waiting

Cedric – the Prince’s faithful Valet

Queen Patti – the Prince’s widowed mother

Courtier 1/Priest

Court Jester (child playing the fool or if adult, to be grumpy)

Various royal suitors (males)

Various maids and courtiers

3 or 4 wood sprites & Frogs.



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