THE FLAT by Owen J Lewis


Sadie, Bea and Tina are three performing Arts students simply trying to live and work in London. Craig is a writer in his mid-forties. He is in a relationship with Tina but battling an ex-wife who stands to destroy his life forever. Who is the stranger asleep on the sofa why is he even there? The Flat explores what can be, the cruel realities of a life in the Arts.



Tina 23…. Actress (In a relationship with Craig resting and taking auditions)

Sadie 22…Actress (Secretive about her work. She is successful)

Bea.. 22….Escort (posing as a Coffee Shop worker)

Craig…..42/48..Playwright/Poet  (In a relationship with Tina)

Tristen Broadsheet-Davies… Party Goer 60+ (Has the ability to keep still for a long time)



Approximately  2 hours excluding interval



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