THE FIGHT GAME by Owen J Lewis


With the stage in darkness we hear a radio announcer talking about the body of a young female who has been found murdered on a piece of waste land.
Lights up on the boxer sat in his shorts on a chair he is flanked by his manager who looks far from pleased. Andrew Collins, the Boxer, is all in and beaten. In his private life his girlfriend is threatening to leave him because she won’t marry him. She believes he simply wants a W.A.G.
Derek Black is a boxing promoter and with Ian Brown (Andrew’s manager) he conspires to put on the biggest bout of Collins life. Again we are reminded of the body on the waste ground.
After a fight with his girlfriend Siobhan, they split and Collins falls apart. He loses his big fight and as he is to be seen on the phone ordering pizzas to his room, he thinks he has to organise the cars for after the fight and he is clearly becoming more and more agitated.
In the end it is revealed that Andrew is really a killer with border personality disorder. He is in his cell in a secure unit. The entire boxing story is happening in Andrew’s head and Derek Black and Ian Brown are really doctors and the woman he thinks is his girlfriend is actually his Mum and Andrew will never be released or at least until he accepts what he has done.



Andrew Collins……A Boxer he is mid-twenties

Siobhan Elkers……. Andrew’s Girlfriend

Ian Brown……..Andrew’s manager mid-forties/early fifties (age is not overly important.)

Derek Black….Black’s Promotions manager.

Voice of Radio Announcer M/F



Approx 60 minutes



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