The Devil has turned himself in on the agreement that he will be permitted to speak with a journalist. The journalist soon discovers, however, that the Devil’s message is far from conciliatory.



JOURNALIST A simple, overworked journalist who thinks, at least initially, that he is interviewing a mentally disturbed man in jail.
THE DEVIL Ruler of Hell, Satan, Beelzebub… you know, that Devil.


Produced as part of “Atypical Perspectives”, a one-acts production in Maryland (August, 2018).

Black Carpet Productions in Washington DC is currently adapting the script into a feature-length film.



“Every great script begins with phenomenal writing. The original script of “The Devil Exclusive”, written by Jeff Dunne – this guy is a combination of Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock, Charles William, and Rod Serling, with a touch of Dashiell Hammet and a dash of Jeffery Dever. He is rare gem with an amazing imagination. Thank you Jeff for allowing Black Carpet Productions and PreeVision Films to bring your vision to the screen.” (Adiyb Muhammad, Black Carpet Productions, 2018)

“The Devil Exclusive, which is far deeper than its darkly comedic elements suggest, delves into the trenches of existence, theologically battling a soul-grappling theory about religion, God, and the Devil that will send heads spinning. Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, there is powerful thought occurring here and evocative statements being proclaimed in this too-brief exploration of higher powers and their roles in the world as it stands. Dunne creates a striking masterpiece in this play, presenting shocking statements for pondering that will leave your mind whirling after the show closes, and may possibly be the only thing you think about all the rest of the night. Dunne explains the necessity of the devil, explores the notion of free will as a tenant of existence because both God and The Devil do exist, and examines all sorts of logical conclusions that spring from these principals.” (Amanda Gunther, Theatre Bloom, 2018)



Approximately 15 minutes



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