When the local Council confirm that they are shutting down their retirement home, a small number of the residents decide to raise the money to buy back the business. But how? The suggestion of becoming the next ‘Full Monty’ does little to raise their hopes of collecting the much needed £1 Million. An ‘accidental’ a cappella group is formed and with the business acumen of retired marketer, Carol Nathan, and the chorister skills of Elsie Dent, the story of the pensioners fighting to ‘save their home’ hits the public’s imagination – but not enough.

At their first fund raising competition, Carol has a heart attack and dies but as well as £12,495 legacy that she puts in the trust of her good friend, Terry, she has entered them into Talent of Britain – not to win but for the additional publicity it will raise to promote their cause. They don’t win but with the media coverage and the £12,500 bet placed by Terry with William Hills they are able to raise a substantial amount for the ‘sealed bid’ required to secure the future of the home.



Scheme / Floor Manager / Nurse –   Can be played by a male or female aged 35+                                      

Richard Head / TOB Announcer  – Fairly young, business like character with no sense of humour

David  – Role played is aged 55-90 must be a good singer

Terry –   Role played is aged 55-90 must be a good singer 

John  –  Role played is aged 55-90 must be a good singer

Elsie –  Role played is aged 55-90 ex teacher (let herself go a little)

 Carol / Judge 3  –  Role played is aged 55-90 ex business woman. Smart

Cleaner Mick – Male aged between 55+ must be a bass singer or soprano

Judge 1 / Comp Announcer –   Male

3 or more Dancers  –  Young girls (can also be Domino, Jessica & Kimberly)

Michelle Marceu / Judge 2   –   Comedian / Mime – (Could also be Judge 2)

Paramedic 1 / Vicar    –    Male or Female (Could be Vicar but disguised)

Paramedic 2 / Mr Jenson   –  Male or Female (can also be Judge 4)

Janice Nathan –   Aged around 55 – 60 (could also be judge or paramedic)

Mr Jenson / Judge 4 / Paramedic – Male or Female (Mature) (Could also be Domino)

TOB Presenter  –   Male as a Dermot O’Leary type

Jessica with her dog –  Young Lady of between 10 and 30 (dog could be a toy dog)

Young Girl/Boy – Can be any age but the cuter the better as they would need to get votes on Talent of Britain



“Nick, we’ve had fantastic fun playing it and we just hope that you get the recognition you fully deserve.”

“It has a little bit of everything in it and was thoroughly entertaining.”

“Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.”

“I enjoyed it that much on the first night, I immediately bought more tickets for the last performance.”

“You would think it was a straight forward story but there are so many twist and turns in it.”

“I can’t wait for your next one.”



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