THE COVID DRAMAS – Rod Dungate, Paul Smith, Martin Drury & Albert Ward


There are seven short dramas in this volume; they are written by a range of playwrights.  They are also in a wide range of styles.  However, something binds them together; they were all created during a period of Covid Lock-down.

The plays were commissioned by DD Arts Birmingham, an arts collective dedicated to supporting and creating new arts works with something to say about society today.  The guidance for each playwright was simple.

  1. We invite you to write a short drama that can be performed within Covid restrictions.
  2. You should aim for your play to be between 3 and 10 minutes long.
  3. Your work must be a play and not a sketch.
  4. Issues surrounding the Covid virus are often not explicitly address.  However obliquely, though, they do serve as a reflection on our lives at the time.

All of these plays could be, with imagination, staged as a live performance.  All of them could be simply filmed.

In Meaning of Life, the protagonist imagines his life developing as a philosopher and as Special Adviser to the Government.   while he is revealing this to us his life disintegrates around him – a fact he seems unaware of. A solo play. 1m.


In Silver Bells and Cockle Shells two elderly people reminisce about their lives and refurbished garden.  But life is never quite as it seems; and are this couple at crossed wires?  A two-hander for two older actors – 1m, 1f.


A Matter of Existence was conceived as an audio play but with imagination could easily transfer to live performance.  It is a wild comedy in which a witchcraft expert endeavours to deliver a lecture while being, much to her irritation, constantly interrupted by two time-travelling witches. 1m 2f.(Minor doubling.)


Mr President is written as a libretto for a short Grand Opera style satire on President Trump’s search for chemicals to save him from Covid 19.  Are the three people around him trying to save him or kill him?  And how does love fit into all this?  2m 1.  If you would like to set it to suitable music, contact DD Arts via Smith Scripts.


Jack and Sheila  is contributed by Paul Smith, of Smith Scripts.  In this gentle comedy, the protagonist is wary of two guests he is expecting.  He has offered to open up his ‘bubble’ to them, but is now having second thoughts.  He’s also endeavouring to slim.  A solo show. 1m.  (This could be played by 1f.)


Martin Drury contributes Connection Problems.  In this play the protagonist finds communication problems with work colleagues and a potential new date.  While juggling these human relationships, he also has to come to terms with Teams  and the new dating app.  The result is a sharply observed comedy.  A solo show.  1m.


Finally, Albert Ward contributes his delicate Unmasked .  The is the story of one person taking a huge journey during lock-down in Spain.  This was developed between Albert and DD Arts from Albert’s practical research project for is MA in Acting at Birmingham Royal Conservatoire.  A solo show. 1m.



Please see the synopsis above.


Approximately 10 – 15 minutes each play






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