THE CHANGE by Glen Dickson


Anne and Brian, two professional forty something’s on the brink of breaking up, wait for a removal van arriving and look back on their 20 year marriage. A darkly comic snapshot of relationships. Warts and all.



ANNE             Early 40’s Red hair. Bespectacled.

BRIAN            Late 40’s. Still in P.J.’s.



Like the undoing of a braid, we watch a couple separate their lives into two different strands. Dickson’s choice of specifics ring true. In miniature we see the relationship wax and wane. Well done. – D Lee Miller

Oh, the thoughts that we married people carry around in our heads…perhaps not as bad as the ones expressed in this clever, witty piece, but hateful nonetheless. Laughter, gasps and sadness all in 7 minutes. – Marj O’Neill-Butler.

A captivating two-hander with witty dialogue between a couple sharing the last of their relationship with fast barbs and complaints before parting ways. A grand, grand finale that will make you laugh and make you think. I absolutely love the realism of the complaints and a resolve that settles our souls. – Vivian Lermond.


Approx 6 minutes



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