THE CAT FLAP by Dennis Diamond & Patrick Blosse


The Cat Flap is a comedy-thriller in three acts with a cast of 10 (5 male, 5 female). Characters ages range from late teens to about 80. One actor inhabits 5 personalities. The action takes place between November 1963 and July 1964

The play is an unapologetic celebration of Agatha Christie’s body of work. All the usual elements are there: unexplained deaths, a large handful of potential suspects, red herrings, an amateur detective, a bumbling bobby, and a bristling colonel with a loaded 12-bore. What’s more, it’s packed to the gunwales with anagrams and affectionate references to Christie titles, characters and plots (and some that are dropped in with the subtlety of a house-brick).




Mavis Hadley

Jack (Scratchy) Hadley

Louisa (Lulu) Hadley

Lt. Col. Alistair Bulstrode Pyke

Jean Palmer

Tarquin Bulstrode Pyke

Walter Pigeon

Veronica Pigeon

WPC. Hastings

Archie Gathasit

Erich Thaaargist

Lady Hattie Chrisaga

Det. Insp. Peter Colhouri

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