THE BAR by Erik J. Bailey


Set in a bar in New York City. ‘The Bar’ tells the story of a bartender who is sick of classical music, a bouncer who has a love of flowers, a nurse who is heartless, and a dentist who takes his passion a little too far. This play contains adult languages and themes.




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Tony: The bouncer of the club. He is in his late twenties/early thirties. His appearance  isn’t that of a typical bouncer. He is small and looks like he couldn’t do much harm.
Melody: She is a young college student. She’s studying classical music, but would much rather be studying pop. She is in her early twenties.
Alison: A nurse at the local hospital. She is Chinese. She is in her late twenties/early thirties.
Richard (Dick): An attractive  young dentist. Must be able to play creepy without overplaying the creepiness. He is in his late twenties/early thirties.


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