In a new version of the ever popular traditional Pantomime, Flossie Sinbad and her son Sammy set off on an exotic holiday and arrive at Baghdad Airport by plane. Unable to get a taxi into town, Flossie rubs a ring on her finger and the Slave of the ring appears.

Instead of the Slave taking them to modern Baghdad, he takes them to ancient Baghdad, where they land in all kinds of trouble. The Wazir of Police steals her ring and then it is stolen by Abdul Hassan who is a notorious Brigand Chief. How are they going to get the ring from the Brigand chief who is out to kill them?

Will they be able to get the ring back by the end of the week, so that the Slave of the ring can get them back to modern Baghdad Airport in time for them to get their plane home to England?

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FLOSSIE SINBAD                           Dame

SAMMY SINBAD                           Principal Boy

SLAVE OF THE RING                    Slave of the ring

FATIMA                                           Proprietor of Hotel Splendid

BEGGAR                                          Outside Mosque

1st MERCHANT                               Selling silks

2nd MERCHANT                              Selling Oranges

AKBAR                                            Guard

KASSIM                                           Guard

WAZAR                                            Chief of Police

CALIPH                                            Caliph of Bagdad

ABDUL HASSAN                            Brigand Chief

LANOBIA                                         Servant to Princess

PRINCESS MARSINAH                  Daughter of Caliph

MONKEY                                          Employed by Abdul Hassan

SAILOR                                             On the ship

SEA SPRITE                                      Employed by Abdul Hassan

PRINCE OMAR                                Prince of the Island of Caspar

GODDESS OF DESIRE                    Stature at the Temple of Desire

CHORUS AND DANCERS as:-       Town people, Servants, Brigands, Sailors,

And, Priestesses of the Temple of Desire.



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