THAT’S LIFE by Samantha Cartwright & Emma Houldershaw


A Rat Pack style musical, set in the 1920’s at the Domino club in New York. An original show featuring the club band and singers, some shady operations from a mafia boss, a group of crazy Charleston dancers and of course more than its fair share of life, love and hurt.



Frank Donati                 Star singer in the club, in debt with the Mafia

Maria Giovanni             Mafia boss’s daughter and mistress of Frank

Loretta                          Don’s mistress, she doesn’t actually mean anything to him

Dean Davis                   Singer in the club, life is pretty good for him, he’s smooth

Don Giovanni               Mafia boss and father of Maria

Mama                            Club owner, strong female, holds her own with the men

Grace                            Shy new dancer at the club

Teresa Donati              Frank’s wife

Marty Russo                 Compare at the club and story narrator

Freddie the Fox            Side kick of Don

Lucky                            Side kick of Don

Dionne Day                  Singer in the club

Ava Divine                     Singer in the club

Betty                              Nice but doesn’t want to be seen to be nice, dancer in the club

Ginger                           Bitchy dancer in the club

Nora                              Bitchy dancer in the club

Waitress                        Works at the club

Cigarette Seller            Works at the club

The Sapphires             Three piece girl singing group

Chorus                          Customers at the club, dancers, staff at the Club



Act 1

Song 1 – Mack the Knife – Dean

Song 2 – Lady is a tramp – Mama and Loretta

Song 3 – Better the devil you know (Kylie, Abbey Road sessions style) – The Sapphires

Song 4 – Feeling Good – Frank

Song 5 – Ain’t that a kick in the head – Dionne and Ava

Song 6 – Fly me to the moon – Frank and Maria

Song 7 – Song from Who framed Roger Rabbit (Jessica Rabbit) – Ava

Song 8 – One night only (from Dreamgirls) – Maria and Teresa


Act 2

Song 9 – Razzle Dazzle – Marty

Song 10 – Something Stupid – Dean and Grace

Song 11 – Respect/Woman medley – Mama, Loretta, Ava, Dionne, Ginger, Betty and Nora +

Song 12 – Strangers in the night – Frank and Teresa

Song 13 – Sway – Dean

Song 14 – Things – Dean and Grace

Song 15 – That’s life – Frank

Song 16 – New York, New York – all



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