TEN SECONDS by Eugene Butler


Time, once lost, can never be found. But maybe…just maybe…it can be bought. At least for Ten Seconds.



Donnie Nesmith – Middle to late thirties. Born and raised in the small town of Founders Square, Georgia, Donnie is the town’s handsome dead beat. He hasn’t worked in three years due to a back injury (which is suspect) and he spends most of his time at the Floodlight Tavern, drinking beer and macho boasting of things that are better left untold. Emotionally and intellectually, he’s stuck in his last year of high school.

Ray Ray Hatfield – Middle to late thirties. A born follower not a leader. Holds the ner- do-well, Donnie in awe and regards him as someone he’d like to be. Recently divorced with two children, he has to work so he can begrudgingly pay his alimony. Despite not being the sharpest tool in the shed, he is a decent man beneath it all.

Deena Wilson – Middle to late twenties. Single and pretty. She’s the manager, bartender and waitress at the Flood Light. A very attractive woman with a very strong desire to better herself and her lot in life. She’s the neighborhood tough with a heart that’s easily melted.

The Stranger – A Stranger in an expensive suit and a traveler who’s been on the road for a long time, in search of his final redemption. When he sees the sign for the Floodlight, he pulls his car over, walks into the tavern and attempts to buy “time” from Donnie and Ray Ray.


Approximately 40 minutes



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